Lucky Patcher is one of those applications which should be in the “Must Have” list for any Android user. Lucky Patcher is basically a cracking application, which enables the user to do a lot other than just cracking. The main feature of this application is enabling free in-app purchases. Other than that, this applications comes with a ton of other features as well, like removing advertisements from an application. This is a full guide on the basics of Lucky Patcher and Lucky Patcher Download .

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Download Latest Version!

Lucky Patcher is an awesome application for sure which we all love. It enables anyone to get free in-app purchases and crack into the application. But, there is no guarantee that this application will work with each and every application found on the Google Play Store and outside it. Other than getting free in-app purchases, this application can remove the advertisements within the application as well. This is really helpful when you have downloaded a great game but feel irritated because of the tons of advertisements throughout the game. This is also very helpful when you have downloaded a PDF reading application which has a tons of advertisements, not letting you read with your full concentration.

Before you can use Lucky Patcher, you need to know a few things. Lucky Patcher needs root access. Therefore, if your Android Device is not rooted, you will not be able to take advantage of the application. Rooting your Android Device is fairly simple. But, please keep in mind that rooting generally voids the warranty of the device. On top of that, if your device stops working or gets bricked in this process, we will not be responsible for it. You must proceed at your own risk.

Lucky Patcher

How To Root Your Android Device

Wanna proceed? Cool. Follow the following steps in order to root your Android Device without any problem :

  1. Download Kingroot by clicking here. Kingroot is one of the few working applications for Android which will allow you to root your Android Device with just one tap. Please keep in mind that Kingroot does not work with each and every Android Device out there.
  2. Go to your Settings – Security and turn on “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Open the application from the app drawer.
  4. Click on the “Get Now” button within the application.
  5. After it has finished rooting, it should return to the main screen.
  6. After that, simply download the Root Checker Application from Play Store. Check if the rooting process was successful.

So that’s how you root your Android Device with just one click. If your device got rooted by this procedure, then congratulations. If your device is not compatible with Kingroot, then follow the steps given below :

  1. Open any browser that you may like.
  2. Go To .
  3. Type “How to root (Put Device Name here without brackets)” (Without quotes) and press enter.
  4. Follow the steps given in any of the sites to get your device rooted.
  5. Fortunately your device will get rooted.

Hopefully, you were able to root your Android Device by going through any one of the above procedures.

Lucky Patcher Instructions :-

Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky Patcher is a really versatile and awesome application. Therefore, you might have a lot of questions in your mind regarding this application. These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions on Lucky Patcher and Lucky Patcher Download APK.

Can I use Lucky Patcher on an iOS device?

Ans : Lucky Patcher only works with Android Devices as of now. Even if you have your iOS device jail-broken, you cannot use Lucky Patcher on your iOS device.

Can I use Lucky Patcher on a device running Windows Phone OS?

Ans : Lucky Patcher only works with Android Devices as of now. You cannot use Lucky Patcher to crack applications on a device running Windows Phone OS.

Can I use Lucky Patcher on a desktop operating system?

Ans : No, you cannot use Lucky Patcher on a desktop based operating system since Lucky Patcher only works with Android Devices as of now.

Is Lucky Patcher available on the Google Play Store?

Ans : No, Lucky Patcher is not available on the Google Play Store. Please scroll down and download Lucky Patcher by clicking on the link given below.

Can I get unlimited gems on Clash of Clans with Lucky Patcher?

Ans : No, Lucky Patcher does not work with each and every application, specially the server based ones. Therefore, Clash of Clans or similar applications does not work with Lucky Patcher.

What exactly does Lucky Patcher do?

Image 2 Luckypatcher

When you open Lucky Patcher for the first time on your Android Device, it will analyze the list of installed applications and mentions the actions that you can carry out. Some of them include “Remove the License Verification”, which may help you to use a cracked application available paid on the Play Store without buying the application itself. You can extract APK Files with this application as well which will help you to backup the files for later use. You can also remove Google Advertisements and most importantly get free in-app purchases using this application.

You will also notice a color code on the title which indicates the compatibility with the tool :

  • Green: Can be registered and disconnected from Google Play.
  • Yellow: Has a specific patch available.
  • Purple: A system startup app.
  • Blue: Includes Google Ads.
  • Red: Cannot be modified.
  • Orange: A system app.

Other than the mentioned features of the application, Lucky Patcher can also tell you if the code of an application has been modified or not or if the application is a legit one. You can also change permissions for different applications with using Lucky Patcher as well.

Disadvantages of Lucky Patcher

Anything that is awesome has some disadvantages, so does Lucky Patcher. The following are the disadvantages of Lucky Patcher :

  • Lucky Patcher needs root access to work. Without root access, you are limited to the features of the application.
  • This also means that you will void the warranty of your device if you use Lucky Patcher.
  • On top of that, using Lucky Patcher is kinda illegal. If you use Lucky Patcher, the developer does not get any revenue.
  • If you have the money, it will be better if you purchase the micro transactions so that the developer gets benefited.
  • Lucky Patcher only works with Android as of now. iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, Machintoshes, Windows based PCs are not supported yet.
  • Each and every application or game, specially the server based ones aren’t supported by Lucky Patcher. Therefore games like Clash of Clans cannot be cracked using Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher Free Download and Install

About the App

Now, you should have your device rooted and ready for getting Lucky Patcher working on your device. Follow the steps given below in order to install Lucky Patcher Download on your Android Device.

Follow the steps :

  1. Download Lucky Patcher Apk for your Android Device running 2.2 Froyo or above. Please note that the time taken to download the application totally depends on your internet connection.
  2. Go to Settings – Security and turn on “Unknown Resources”.
  3. Locate the downloaded application with any file explorer that you have. If you don’t have a file explorer, download ES File Explorer, available on the Google Play Store.
  4. Tap on the application in order to install the application. The time taken for the application to get installed depends on the specifications of the device you are using.
  5. Locate the application on the app drawer and tap on it.
  6. Now you have Lucky Patcher running on your Android Device.
  7. When you open the application for the first time, it will ask you to grant it Root Permissions.
  8. Tap on accept.
  9. Now you have Lucky Patcher running on your Android Device, fully set up.

How to use Lucky Patcher for Android

This is how you use Lucky Patcher for your Android Device :

  • Open the application and tap on any of the applications showing a color code other than Red. This can be any application or game. After that, tap on “Open Menu of Patches” . From there, you get access to all of the main functions of this application. Some of them are “Remove License Vertification” , “Remove Google Ads” , “Support Patch for InApp and LVL Emulation” , “Change the App’s Components” and “Create Modified APK File” . If you have a device which is not rooted, only the option “Create Modified APK File” will appear.
  • “Remove License Vertification” – Removes the License Verification of the applications with Google Play License. By using this, you will be able to use those applications which shows an error if you download them outside Google Play Store.
  • “Remove Google Ads” – Removes all the advertisements in the application.
  • “Support Patch for InApp and LVL Emulation” – Get free in-app purchases.
  • “Change the App’s Components” – Change the permissions of the applicaitons.
  • “Create Modified APK File” – Creates a modified APK File with free in-app purchases.
  • You can also download Custom Patches for applications like the Google Play Store. It will allow you to download paid applications from Google Play Store for free.


Lucky Patcher for Android is a must have for any Android User out there which will help you to get free in-app purchases for many applications and games. Other than getting free in-app purchases, you can do a lot more with it like Removing Google Ads or Modify the permissions taken by an Application. Moreover, a fabulous application for Android which should be installed on your device if you have a rooted device.